COVID-19 and Hip and Knee patients

PART II: How can I manage my hip and knee pain at home while I wait?

For those awaiting surgery, the pain management options during the time of social distancing and mass closures has changed the way we deal with arthritic pain. The main ways of dealing with arthritic hip and knee pain involve the following: (more…)

COVID-19 and Hip and Knee patients

PART I: What’s going on?

COVID-19 has brought many sudden changes to the hospital system, and subsequently in the way we interact with, prepare and treat patients. While some of these changes are temporary, some will likely continue well into future as our “New Normal”. (more…)

How old is too old?

While it seems lately a lot of focus is on younger patients and the increasing demands of active people, we sometimes forget that the vast majority of those who need hip and knee replacements are the elderly. (more…)